The Problem

Tanzania making education free in 2013.The government still did not have the enough funding, friendly infrastructure, enough teachers especial those ones who could teach science subjects (Student to teacher ratios average 60:1, with one book for every 5-10 students). And about 3.7% of the schools are worse with one teacher teaching at least 100 pupils. As a result, Tanzanian public schools are overcrowded and under-resourced. Furthermore a lot of parents/care givers cannot afford to pay school contribution for school lunch, for books, for school uniforms and for health insurance for their children.


The Solution

Our recruitment process focuses on vulnerable children such as orphaned and para-ability children, we based more in rural areas, by connecting them with the resources they need in order to reach their dreams. Costs that we cover school uniforms, books, exercise books, pens, lunch at school, health insurance, field trips.


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